Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 33

Today has been crazy. So this is going to be a crazy email.

Three girls on a mission in a beautiful city were in their study room, when all of a sudden, the youngest Hermana, Hermana Lewis smelled burnt air. They inspected their apartment, but no problems were found. They felt like they were being gassed, like rats in a home, but continued to study the beautiful gospel. They walked out of their basement apartment on a sunny summer day. The eldest, Hermana Cobb, decided it would be a good joke to have us take transit today instead of a car. The younger missionaries were not too excited because taking transit on preparation days means you have no time to do anything but email. We moaned and complained, and realized that Hermana Cobb was just joking. We walk out the front gate of the house and one Hermana says to the rest "Where is our car?" They all paused and glanced up and down the empty street. There were no cars in sight. No humans. No nothing. How did we get home last night? Did we leave our car at the church? At the home of an investigator or member? What? WHAT? The road was torn up. Hermana Lewis decided to call the mission office. They gave her the number for Vancouver City and she waited on hold, listening to odd music for 7 minutes as they walked to take the bus. Finally they were told that it had been "towed for an emergency". They towed it 4 blocks south without any sign saying where the cars were or what happened. No nothing.

Then they ran all over, trying to find a library that was open on a Monday and that had 3 computers free, let alone in sight and sound of each other.

But here I am.

Simone's baptism is this Sunday! I am so excited! She is so sweet and prepared! She couldn't make it to the English ward yesterday because she had some things to do, so she came to the Spanish ward, and I got to translate for her:)

We taught Christina a couple lessons this week, including the Word of Wisdom! She has to work on a few things, but she committed to quitting! She was also able to receive a priesthood blessing for health and strength.
We met with Val a lot this week! She is really thinking about baptism now and always asks amazing questions. She came to church yesterday and all the talks were so perfect for her to hear! We have been teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ one section at a time and introduced it all to her by saying there are 5 things in total. At church, the talks were based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and she asked, "Did you tell them to talk about that? That is exactly what you have been teaching me about!" Her dad, Luis, is being such a strong example to her, and it is so cool to see how her relationship is growing with him as she is learning about the gospel.
We met with Liliana and were able to teach her the Plan of Salvation and was so receptive to it all!
Cassandra was at church yesterday! It was so good to see her again!

We have a new investigator, Jeanette! (English). The Coquitlam Elders found her and passed her to us. She has a date coming up soon. We met with her for the first time on Saturday and taught the Restoration, and then she came to church yesterday.

We got to go to a baptism for the Van South Elders, Elders Cedeno and Whitley, on Saturday. It is the father of Brandon, who got baptized a couple weeks ago. My favorite part was right after he was baptized, he looked up at his children and smiled. So cute.

We met with Grace, a less active member in the English ward and had a really good visit with her! She is having a really hard time with a lot in her life, but she is improving little by little!

We met with Edouard* and we are helping prepare him to receive the priesthood!

We met a potential, her son, and her friend this week! Cereslinda* is from Mexico and her son is Benito*. Her friend is Lupe*, from Venezuela. 

I love being able to help people out, and seeing the difference it makes in their lives.

We have been teaching a lot of commandments recently. When I think about my life before my mission, I knew we should read our scriptures daily, and so I did the best I could to read something every day. It didn't really hit me though, that it was a commandment to read the scriptures daily. It is not just something we should do, but is something we should take seriously! Not solemnly, but seriously! Being on the mission, I have found so much joy and excitement in scripture study that I was definitely not getting daily at home.

The commandments are given to us from God, through prophets and the Holy Ghost, so that we can be happiest in this life. God is all knowing. He knows everything, and because he loves us so much, wants us to be safe and happy. Which is why he let us come to Earth, but also gave his perfect son, Jesus Christ, to die for all of us. He knows what is really going to bring us happiness now, but most importantly for eternity!

Since our spirits do not change after we die, our desires remain the same. As we remain free from any type of addiction in this life, our spirits are free to continue to progress as we move on in the Plan of Salvation.

We were listening to Mormon Messages this morning as we cleaned the apartment. One line that I loved, although I am not sure if I remembered it right, was by T.S. Elliott, and something close to "We lose wisdom in knowledge, and knowledge in information". I love that so much! As a natural human tendency, we begin to forget the things that are really important, and think that mere knowledge is good. We focus on worldly things, rather than things of eternal importance. And we begin to think that information is knowledge. The world throws so much at us, and we lose track of what information really matters. It reminds me of 2 Nephi 9!

 28 O that cunning plan of the evil one! O the vainness, and the frailties, and the foolishness of men! When they are learned they think they are wise, and they hearken not unto the counsel of God, for they set it aside, supposing they know of themselves, wherefore, their wisdom is foolishness and it profiteth them not. And they shall perish.
 29 But to be learned is good if they hearken unto the counsels of God.

Anyhow, that's all I have time for!

Love you!
Hermana Lewis

We took this picture from a bus stop ad on our phone during my first transfer. It was the Hermana District. Hermana Lee, Hermana Lewis, Hermana Cobb, Hermana Williamson.

Breakfast poutine

Another piano. This one is at Science World.

Kitz beach with Val (who took the picture:))

With Val<3

Love them.

Sister Cobb, Sister Cendreda, Val, and Luis!

Sister Cobb, Sister Cendreda, Val, and Luis!

We had a fancy dinner last night at a member's house. He's a chef!

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