Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 37

Hola! This week was so much fun!

Val was baptized last night! She looked so beautiful in her long white dress. And Luis baptized her. The whole service was so special! All the ward members who had such a big part in helping her prepare for baptism were in the program. Brother Taylor conducted, Sister Wiser sang "Once Upon a Time" (I think that's what it's called), and Sister Gasser directed the music. Seeing her be baptized was so sweet. After, the Young Women all recited the YW theme, and then sang "I Love to see the Temple". The Spirit was so strong. It was so sweet. And Val's mom came, as well as her little sister, Gertrude. The Baptism started really late because of a Priesthood meeting in Burnaby that got out late, but it all worked out perfectly!

Briana is looking good for her baptismal date next Sunday! I am hoping with all my heart that I can go!

We got transfer news on Saturday night! After the most crazy phone call, I am staying in Vancouver Spanish for another transfer, and I'll be training! I'm so excited!! Sister Cendreda is going to Abbotsford I believe, and Sister Cobb is staying in Van South. Sister McKee and Sister Ditto are both staying. Elder Salazar is going to Mission, and Elder Zamano is training in Vancouver Spanish. Hermana Wilson and Hermana Kartchner, and Elder Gurr and Elder Kirkham are staying in Surrey Spanish.

Simone is leaving back to Korea early, and leaves this week. I'm going to miss her so much! 

On Saturday, we had the Festival de Maiz! It was so good! I had to leave early, but what I saw was perfect. Christina went and was able to talk to a lot of people in the ward and make some friends. Henry, a guy we met on the skytrain a couple transfers ago came, and he invited a friend, Danny*. Greg*, Regina*'s dad, and Michael*, Rosa's son, came too! The Elders had two investigators there as well. The food was delicious and then the dancing started! Right before I had to leave, I saw Hermanos Puschels do a dance from Chile! It was so fun! And then Rosa and her husband did a dance from Columbia. It was a great night, and all the investigators loved it!

I was able to teach a lot of lessons this week in Spanish! Even thought it was all by myself! It was a sweet miracle! And yesterday, I got to practice a ton with some Mexicans! Love Spanish!

In the mornings for exercise, we (Sister Ditto, Sister McKee, Sister Chen, and Sister Allen) switch off ever other day going to the gym at the church. This week we did interpretive dancing and it was a killer work out!

I'm so excited for General Conference! So excited!

I think that's about it for this week! So much has happened, but I can't think of much more to say!

Stay cool and keep the commandments!
Hermana Lewis

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