Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 55

This week lasted an eternity. So it's a good thing it was a good week! 

Last Monday was good. I don't remember too much of it.

On Tuesday, we had a leadership meeting with President and Sister Burt, the Zone Leaders, and the two District Leaders in the Kelowna Zone. It was a super good meeting. And right after, we had our Specialized Training for the Kelowna Zone. It was also just awesome. This zone is pretty great and we are unified for sure! 

Right after our awesome meetings, Sister Tripp and I split on exchanges and we went to her area, the Kelowna 2nd ward. We taught a lesson to one of their investigators with a baptismal date, Aimee*. She is amazing. Oh my goodness. Her baptismal date is January 30th and she is so ready. I wish you could all meet her! 

We knocked doors, had a delicious dinner with the Rider family, and then did a little 12 weeks while eating Ice Cream. We had so much fun. 

Wednesday morning, we tracted and had so many strange conversations. Especially the time when we walked up to a house, knocked on the front door of one apartment and they weren't interested. We then knocked on their neighbor's door, waited for a response, and then rang the door bell when no one came. A couple minutes later, the husband comes out and tells us it's the same house. -_- 

While on exchanges, Sister Lai and Sister Madson set a baptismal date with Angela! It's for February 21st! 

On Wednesday night, we got to teach Stacy and have dinner with Jamie*. During dinner, we got a call from a branch member who shouted at us telling us they had a huge chicken with gluten free stuffing they had just made and we were late to pick it up. They then realized they were a week early. Haha not getting over that one:) And then we got to teach a lesson to Elise*, a girl from Quebec. The Elders found her and set up the appointment for us. I got to try to use my French. Let's just say it was a good night. 

On Thursday,  we had planning, and then afterwards, I got to teach Nikki*, Star* and Macy* in West Bank (a.k.a. Snow Bank)! They are so sweet! And we finished off the night with some contacting. 

Friday, we had Zone Meeting! I got to train by myself on opening matters, our new mission baptismal goal, and our new mission 9:00 am prayer. I accounted with Elder Ellis on how we have been doing as a zone with our baptismal goals for December and January, and looking ahead to February, and then I did a training on our mission/zone/personal culture with Elder Maurer. It was a good meeting! 

Afterwards, all our lessons had fallen through at UBCO, but we decided to stick to our backup, which was finding there. Which is really weird because it was at an unproductive time of day and it costs a lot for parking. But we did. We ran into Hala, and we had a really awesome lesson with her, which turned into baptism! We were just talking about God making sure she understood who he was, and it turned into baptism. Everyone! Baptism helps us understand who God is. It helps us come closer to him. I just love it. 

Then we talked to more people. They were few and spread out. And it was freezing. Then we got a hold of Angela! And she came outside in the freezing to talk to us for a second and was so excited. Before we could even say anything, she started talking about her baptism and how she wants it to go. She said that this past week, after going to church, she has been the happiest she has ever felt, and she knows it's because she went to church. She told us her cute conversion story, which isn't that long yet, but she was so grateful the Elders found and talked to her. God loves us.

Then we peaced out. 

On Saturday, it felt like it lasted forever. It was park-your-car day, like usual, but it seemed like it wasn't ever going to end. And it was snowing buckets. But it was beautiful! We ate lunch at Smoke's (shout-out to mi hermana) and it was so good! Also a blessing that we were walking all day so that the poutine wasn't too damaging. All our plans fell through today, but we did see Reagan at the mall with her mom and got to have a good talk with them. Her mom, Nancy*, asked us to pray for her to get a specific job, so that was awesome! We ended the night with coordination. And transfer calls! I'm staying another transfer here and Sister Schroeder is going to be my new companion! Sister Madson is headed to Abbey YSA. I'll miss her!

Sunday was great! Roxanne came to church and loved it, even though it was a worst nightmare for missionaries. The two speakers we had were both Stake high council speakers. They talked about baptisms for the dead, endowments, and initiatories. The Elders explained it perfectly in a text: "That moment when you wish you could report 0 at Sacrament..."

Afterwards, the Elders had a double baptism! Paul and Chao! It was super awesome! I love baptisms! They were both just so happy! The Spirit was super strong! They both worked so hard to make it to baptism and it paid off, of course!

After the baptism, we had dinner at the Wilson's home. It was exactly what I needed. We laughed and talked and felt the Spirit, all while eating food with the equivalent nutritional value of everything I have had the past two transfers. 

We went contacting the rest of the night and saw quite a few miracles. 

God is so real and this is so His work. I love it. Every single minute. 

Hermana Lewis

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