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This week has been so good! We are at a weird point because ever since we got here, we have been talking about how once we get to one month left in the MTC, it's going to be crazy. We were talking about it all up until Tuesday, until we realized that one month mark is today! We only have one month left in the MTC. 

I have been making a list of things I need to write about, but I always forget to write on that list, so I hope something I say does justice to what happens here.

One of our teachers, Hermano Beeston, is such a good teacher. He is a Spanish teacher. As are all of our teachers. When we understand and talk well in Spanish, he calls us Mexicans, Nicaraguans, etc. It cracks me up every time. Every time.

Hermana Cobb y yo have been making new friends all over the place. We talk to everyone and it is so fun! For a while we would go sit by someone new in the cafeteria, and then they would finish before us because we are so slow, and then we would be sitting alone. People from our zone, who all happen to sit together somewhere else, started asking us why we were sitting alone. we told them we only sit by people who think we are funny--no one, and then we would die laughing. RIP us. Then they would realize we were joking, but man. 

There are a lot of desks in our classroom, and then we have all our language books and all the other things we need, so there is not much space. Then the elders always shift, and so Hermana Cobb and I are left with no space. Every time I get into my desk, everything drops onto the floor. It has gotten to a point where I should really be able to handle myself, but I haven't yet. It's not like I am not organized, but without fail. Every. Single. Time. Elder Arce on day said "Thank you, Hermana Lewis, now class can start" as my scriptures, pens, Spanish books, planner, and dictionary fell all over the floor. It's not just me any more, though. Every time someone drops something on the floor everyone pauses and says "the curse" and then wiggles their fingers. Love my district. 

Elder Caine is from Mauritius. I asked him if he knew my Madame Call from when she went on her mission there about 8 years ago and he did! Thought I would share.

Que hace un paz? Nada

That was a joke. 

Another thing that was funny was yesterday in class, Hno Adlish was trying to tell us that something was soft. He was speaking in Spanish, but then he had to switch to English. When he got to the word soft, it came out as suaft. As in a mix of suave and soft. 

In Spanish, the word casar is to get married, and cazar is to hunt. When you say it, it's the same. So at BYU, you are doing both. Jajaja let it sink in.

In all of our lessons, we have this list of feelings that always make their way in. Por ejemplo: paz, felicidad, gozo, caridad, etc. It has kind of become a huge chisto for us, and we throw those words around in conversations. We were planning our first lesson with our new investigator, Julio*, and we were figuring out what would be best to teach. 

Me: First thing is...
Hermana Cobb: First things first I'm the realest (from the song)
Me: (thinking she said "first things first on our list, laughing super hard) paz, y felicidad...
Hermana Cobb: I don't think you heard me right!

When we finally were able to collect ourselves we explained what we meant. It was so funny though. 

Because Hermana Cobb and I love to make new friends, we sit by different people all the time. One group of missionaries who we have become pretty good friends with are going to the two missions in Germany. One is from Canada, so I was testing out all my knowledge. I asked him if he knew what a headley was and he said it's me. His name happens to be Elder Headley. But he said no and I told him it's a band. Then he told me it really is a band. Like the band Headley. Not another word for band. I died laughing. So you can now be enlightened. 

Last night we had a devotional with M Russell Ballard. It was really good. He talked about missionary service and about apostasy. I have so many great notes, but no time. You'll get the gist of it later.

Hermano Adlish gave us so many great lessons. Same with Hermano Mecham. And Hermano Beeston. They are all just so good. And they all have such good testimonies. 

This week we taught our new investigators, and then we also taught Mara*'s third and fourth lessons and they went so well, with Maria at least...

I haven't played the piano in forever and I have to play in Spanish for sacrament meeting on Sunday. It'll be a struggle.

Last night it was my turn to say the prayer for dinner. I leaned towards Hermana Cobb to say my prayer, and once I finished, I sat back and I just stared at her. She hadn't said amen or anything and was still sitting there in silence. 30 seconds later, she opened her eyes and all the people we were sitting with were just laughing. I thought she just wasn't listening. This morning, though, I found out that she fell asleep during the prayer. 

Our district went through something a little hard this week, but Hermano Adlish gave us a lesson that focused on what we might need to help us get through it, and it helped so much. 

This week's email is pretty scattered, too. Whenever I try to get on the computer, it blacks out and logs me off, on multiple computers, so sorry. Also, we have so many pictures and not enough time to send them all, so I will do what I can. 

We have outlived all the people we came to the MTC with if they weren't learning a language. We're old.

I guess I will bare my testimony so you know that I am learning and growing. Sorry for such a lame email. 

Yo sé que esta iglesia es verdad. Yo sé que Dios ama todos sus hijos. Yo sé que mediante la Expiación de Jesucristo, podemos volver y vivir con Dios. Yo sé que José Smith fue un profeta de Dios. El Libro de Mormón es la palabra de Dios y que si leemos este libre, nuestras preguntas van contestar. Estoy muchos agradecido por la Expiación y por Jesucristo, que puedo ser limpio y llegar a ser, y por el amor de nuestro Padre Celestial. Yo sé que el don de lenguas es verdad y estoy agradecido por este, tambien. Dios contesta nuestros oraciones. Dios nos ama. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen.

 Buenos suerte a todos. 

Yo les quiere muchos! 

Con amor, paz, y felicidad, 
Hermana Lewis

Several photos she tried to send did not come through.  :(

Day one! First picture con mi compañera!

Day 2

Some of los Elderes. Elder Sorensen, Elder Nelson, Elder Caine, Elder Passey, y Elder Kaze.

Mail!  Gracias!

Casually laughing

Los otros dos Elderes. Elder Erasmus y Elder Arce. 

After a lesson on day 2

I study hard.

Despues de nuestro primero leccion con Sam*. It was bad.

Sister Wunderli! Love her to death!

Despues de nuestro segundo leccion con Sam*! It was so much better!

After our third lesson with Sam*! It was sooo good, if I do say so myself. I was so excited. 

Practicing Español!

Last week on P day in the laundry room!

After our fourth and final lesson with Sam*.

Hermana Ramos y yo. I had people call me Abuela Lewis that day.

Living the food life.

We posed.

We decided I looked like a gnome and she looked like a fairy. Say hola to Stumpy and Heartflutter!

Part of our zone. Elder Larson, Elder Anderson, Elder Casey, yo, y Hermana Cobb.

Conquered the folding chair and touched the fire alarm. Then got caught by the Branch President´s wife.

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