Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I made it in the MTC and I'm almost done with day one! My companera is Hermana Cobb and she is the best! Absolutely perfect and I have already learned so much from her! She is 23 and has graduated from BYU in Commercial Health or something like that. She is from Boise. She is way awesome. I wish you could meet her. She is going to my mission, too! In my district there is also one elder, Elder Erasmus, going to our mission. I have a really great district and zone! Everyone is great! 

Right after we got our language books, we put everything in our room, and went straight to our first class. The whole thing was in Spanish. I understood what people were saying for the most part. I'm super surprised. Gift of tongues is real, although I can't remember how to say that in Spanish. 

We had a meeting with all the new missionaries and we sang As Zions Youth in Latter days, Called to Serve, and Armies of Helaman. Boy. El Espiritu Santo es acci. 

We had dinner super early tonight, but it's kind of fine because you get unlimited BYU Creamery ice cream on Wednesday nights. 

For the record, in the first hour of Spanish (pretty much all we have had for today), my maestra, Brother Beeston, used the word fresca:) I knew it was important for me to know!

Today I saw Elder Carrigan, Elder Burri (Lyon, France), Elder Morley (Bangkok, Thailand), and my Yankees Fan, Sistra Wunderli (Finland)! 

It's been such a fun day and so much has happened. 

There is an Hermana Barrone in my zone! Everybody loves Hermana Barrone. 

We sort of taught 3 people today, as a group with a bunch of the new missionaries. 

It is so cool! Today, when I just sit in class, I can feel myself learning. I feel my brain expanding. It is the best. 

In our room, there are 6 of us. I have only met 2, possibly 4 of the hermanas in our room. Hermana Cobb and I have no space to put any of our things. It's pretty funny. We were trying to unpack a little after we finished dinner, but we couldn't put our things anywhere and we were just laughing so hard. 

We have had a lot of moments today where we just laugh way hard. There have been 11 big events that just made us laugh super hard, but there has been 1 that has made up for it so only 10 count against us. 

I have to get off soon, so I'll talk to you all in a while, whenever I get my P day. And in case you were wondering why we had so much time to write, it is because Hermana Cobb and I were obedient and had our card to get into the building and everything else, which they told us to hold onto, while the elders did not, so they had to go back. So while they went we were able to write. You're welcome, Mom. 

Con amor (y pilas porque todos los missioneros(?) write it, I don't know what it means...)
Hermana Lewis

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