Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 5

This past week has gone by so fast! I'm not really sure where to begin. 

This is my last email from the MTC! I'm going to miss this so much, it's unreal!!!!!!!

Last Thursday, instead of the normal member TRC lessons in person, we skyped natives. Hermana Cobb and I got to skype Hermana Perez*. She is from Brazil but is living in Costa Rica right now. She had a different accent, but it was really cool. We had a really good lesson with her about commandments, their importance, and how they are for us, to help us become better, and not to restrict us. We told the story about the boy and his kite, and what happened when he cut the string so the kite could go higher. The Spirit was there, but the coolest part was el don de lenguas. Man. It was crazy. But I could understand what she was saying, but I was also able to talk to her in unbroken Spanish. Once I stopped thinking in my head what I was saying, I was able to just talk. And talk fast. It was such a cool blessing and experience. Can't wait for our next one tomorrow!

Your weekly Spanish joke:
*Por qué José Smith tenía las ropas arrugados?

-Porque el angél Moroni sacó las planchas. 

Also, what pet did Lehi's family have?
Flea. Take your family and flea into the wilderness.
You're welcome.

I was listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir 24/7 music stream during personal study the other day. You will never guess what song came on. "Concerning Hobbits" except the version with the words. But I don't remember what it's called. But it totally threw me off. Jajaja

Today Hermana Cobb and I did a 40 minute run around the MTC. I feel so proper fit, RN. So proper fit.

We also met an Elder and a Sister who go with us to Vancouver next week, English speaking. Is this real life?

Hermanas Bagley, Ramos, Thompsen, y Hollander, y Elders Larsen, Lawson, Anderson, y Cary left Monday morning for Uruguay. I keep seeing their phantoms all over the place. We miss them, but on the bright side, I started unpacking today. Glad it only took until week 6. 

And, I am officially a Sister Training Leader. I got called last week, but this week it is official. Hermana Cobb and I are also the last sisters in our zone. 

Guess who came in last week that I forgot to mention! Hermana Rachel Howard! From Oakridge! And yes, she remembers "Mother, May I" and brought it up before I could even ask about it! She is going to the California Anaheim mission, Spanish speaking.

This week I also saw Sister Miller - Portugal, Sister Kindt - Romania, and Sister Kennard - Ukraine (?). So that's pretty cool! 

We had great lessons this week. As we usually do. One of our lessons was just talking a chapter of scripture, going in with questions, and then searching for answers. Boy, was it great. I challenge you all to do it. Even if you have before. Everyone can use personal revelation. Another class was about getting as much as we could out of this last week here, and then out of the rest of our missions. Some of the points our teacher made were focus on the work, don't let the little things tempt you, use exact obedience, seal your heart to God, be diligent, be consistent, and that God is intimately involved in both things we can and cannot control. Trust Him. 

There was a great devotional last night on helping investigators understand the Book of Mormon. It was straight forward and so simple. I love the gospel. 

We got our travel plans last Friday! We are out of here next Wednesday! We have to be at the Travel Office at 3:25am.  Then we get to the airport, fly to San Fran, and then to Vancouver! We are super excited for it all, but we are going to miss el CCM so much! 

We had some great lessons this week. And also one that was not our favorite. But we had so many good ones. The spirit was there and we followed it. Baptismal dates down! And we made our teacher cry. So bonus points to us. 

I love you all. I love the gospel. I love the church. I love people. I love cookies and milk. I love running. I love to share the gospel. I love to read the scriptures and receive personal revelation. I love Heavenly Father. I love Jesus Christ. I love that Jesus Christ atoned for me. I love that I have second chances. I love MoTab. I love being a missionary. I love being set apart to help others come unto Christ. I love the MTC and I love Canada.  

Sorry for the lack of details. I'll get better at this. Promise! 

Hermana Lewis

This is our friend Alex. He is in charge of the service in our Spanish building and we are buddies. We had to take pictures before we leave. 

Through the peephole.

Flight plans.

Practicing Spanish.

Stolen camera.  Again.

Love these mountains.  I'm super obsessed.

Last picture of the zone before 38B left!

Before we went to bed, we said whoever let go first was the weakest in our companionship. We were like this for 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

Our best side.

We're almost out!

Today at the temple.

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