Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 14

Conference was so good!

Easter was so wonderful!

Okay. This week was awesome. We got our new companion, Hermana Wilson! She is from Idaho. She is the best! I don't know what I would do without her!

I didn't email yesterday because it was Easter Monday and government buildings were closed. 

La familia Pasquier took us out for lunch between sessions of conference. Which was such a blessing, because we had spinach and carrots for dinner with stale saltines left in our apartment from 2 transfers ago (although that ended up being our dinner...). We ate Chinese food. Inside, they were having a birthday party for a 90 old lady, and they had a full on roasted chancho sitting on the table. We took a picture, so I'll try to send that home next week.

We were able to watch every session of Conference! It was superbien! We watched 3 in Spanish, and one in English because Cassandra* preferred English.

Transfer meeting this week was amazing.

On Friday, we were dropping by the house of a former, but she wasn't home. We went next door and knocked. Three guys answered the door. They just moved here from China the day before. They barely spoke English, but we talked to them about what we did as missionaries. We set up a time where we could meet with them at our church for that Saturday. They have no religious or spiritual background. Nothing. We asked if we could say a prayer. We told them we could talk with God. One of their mouths just dropped. We told them that when we pray we like to fold our arms and close our eyes. They closed their eyes, and their arms were perfectly placed, square to their bodies, and followed us exactly, to the movement or adjustment of a finger. On Saturday, we met them at the church. It was the three of us, and then Celeste Pasquier came as the member. Before we even started teaching, Xuen* said "I want to be a part of this family". Our hearts just melted. We gave them a quick tour of the church, and ended in the Chapel. We then had a lesson focusing on "God is our Loving Heavenly Father" and then we taught them how to pray. We had brought two Restoration pamphlets in Mandarin so we could teach them. Xuen had to translate what we were saying for his friend, Li*. Xuen asked, "Can I pray?". He was so excited!  The spirit was so strong. He said, "Father. I want to be a part of this family. Amen". I cannot even describe the Spirit that was in the room. We were all holding back tears. We all testified. We told them that to become a member of God's family, we needed to be baptized. We invited them to be baptized the 26th of April and they both said yes! We are passing them onto the Chinese Elders, but can't wait to see what happens with them. We see them this Friday!

Yesterday, we went tracting, which we don't do very often. We ran into Jose*, from Peru. It was nice to see him, but sad that we couldn't meet with him. We are hoping to get in with the wife, eventually.  But while we were tracting, we ran into so many Spanish families! We can't wait to see what happens with those!

While out contacting on Friday, we ran into a student named Yuri*, from Russia. We had a QGC with him, and then invited him to come to Conference. And he came! He enjoyed hearing what the prophets had to say and loved that they told us exactly what we need to do to be happy. We passed him off to the English Elders.

On another note, two nights ago we were contacting in Burnaby. It was around 8:30 at night, and a group of 12 year olds were just walking out on the street being loud. There was not a good feeling. Not a feeling that we were in danger, but a feeling of darkness. It was crazy. I want to say similar to how Joseph Smith described right before the First Vision, but probably not that dramatic. But I got confused and I couldn't understand what was happening, and I felt like I couldn't see, although I could. It was weird. All of a sudden, this kid pulls a real gun on us and said, "Get down. I have a gun". He was all talk, and we said a prayer afterwards and everything turned out prefect.

Anyway. Pray always. God loves everyone! We all have a duty as members of God's family to help others of God's children find the way to eternal life. Do what you can, and you'll find so much more happiness.

Paz y bendiciones!
Hermana Lewis

Indian food while on exchanges.

Avocado toast. Heaven sent. And pasta. 

First picture as a companionship!

Waiting teach preach the word. 

Thanks to the Raddons! What an Easter miracle! <3 


I ordered more name tags. I guess I need to order some more...

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