Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 17

This week was a wet one.

We had exchanges twice this week. Hermana Williamson left for two days, leaving Hermana Wilson and I in charge of the area. So yes. From Tuesday to Wednesday, we had Sister Rogers with us here. We got to teach 4 lessons in Spanish!! It was awesome! On Wednesday to Thursday, Hermana Hoth came here with us! And to celebrate our newness, we bought 50 TimBits. 50 little pieces of heaven.

We have a basement suite, so we are below ground level. We have little windows near the ceiling, that let in a little light, if it's not overcast and dark. There is a light right outside our room window that lights up if there is any movement outside. The three of us were praying at night, before going to bed, and all of a sudden the room lights up. We all opened our eyes and looked up. Then Hermana Wilson said, "Dang it. I thought I was having a vision". We were all hoping that.

This weekend we had our mini missionary with us! Celeste was with us Friday night until Sunday night! It was so fun! And she is such a great missionary already! She is so excited to serve! And she has such a great testimony! 

On Friday, for our ward activity, the Young Women sold pupusas again for their fundraiser. They were heavenly, as usual.

On Saturday, we went to the Ayala's and had Nachelios! They were soooo good! Heaven sent family, for sure.
For Mother's day, the Young Women are singing a song, but they want us to help because the numbers are so low. Hermana Williamson and Wilson are helping sing, and I am playing the piano. But we don't have sheet music for the song, so I have to figure it out by ear. Did I forget to mention I am a missionary and don't have time? Right. Here's to Mother's Day.

Love you all. Remember to follow the Spirit. Listen to the Spirit. It is so easy to just rely on yourself from day to day. But with the Holy Ghost, we can be guided and protected, and that is a promise from the Lord.

Con amor,
Hermana Lewis

Nachelios with the Ayala Family! Hermana Prado, our mini missionary, yo, Stephanie, Elio, Karla, and Hermana Williamson.

Creepy Elmo pinata


Last sunny day of the century.

For Amber

Look at that sky. That's right. You can see it. No layer of clouds. 




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