Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 15

First off, there are some awesome cars here! So many people have Teslas.  We also saw a Lamborghini yesterday!

I met my first real Cancucks fan on Saturday! There was a home game. He was a real fan! Not just a bandwagon fan. I can say it brought me a ton of peace:)

On Saturday, we had the members with us for the day. #RealBCMormons Go check it out and let me know how it went!

I don't know how well I described it when I first got here, but there are blossom trees that line the streets here. When I first arrived, they hadn't bloomed, but within two weeks, they bloomed and it was so pretty.  They have continued to bloom, and it is so pretty. The only problem is those blossom trees house inchworms. They dangle down and build webs. It is so weird. But when you walk underneath them, you get covered in little inchworms. Everywhere. Hahaha it is so funny. We just don't even know what to do.

We got Sky Train passes last week, maybe the week before. It is the best.

This week we weren't able to teach a whole lot of lessons. We did lots of contacting. Lots. Most people didn't want to listen. BUT, we still have seen little miracles all around.

Not too much I can think to update you all on. We're still looking for a family that we can help get sealed in the temple. They are out there!

Go read your scriptures and share an insight. It's the best!

And then go dance for me.

Love, Hermanita Lewis

Deer Lake

Las Hermanas

Sister McKee

Tres Leches from a bakery owend by members from Chile in the Surrey Spanish Ward.

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