Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 21

What a week.

This weekend, we got a surprise mini missionary. The Surrey stake for the past few years has their youth ages 16 and older go on mini missions with the missionaries. So Friday night after a lesson we drove down to Surrey to pick her up! The mini missionary we got was Hermana Ramirez. Wait for this crazy coincidence. Remember how I told you that Ivan had some friends in Surrey who he went to the YSA conference and the temple with? Well, those friends were the brother and sister of Hermana Ramirez. It was such a great experience having her with us! Even though we had to cancel a couple lessons to make it happen, it was definitely what the Lord wanted us to be doing. When we dropped her off last night, all the mini missionaries had a chance to bare their testimonies and tell about an experience they had over the weekend. Their little testimonies were the sweetest thing and I loved hearing it! So much more motivated! Love it.

We saw so many miracles this weekend. And Hermana Ramirez helped me with my Spanish. So that was super awesome.

I had to translate a little bit in church yesterday. Esperanza, our deaf investigator, wants to be baptized! We had to get her to church. The Osorio family offered to give her a ride, and they know ASL because their daughter is deaf. Esperanza came to our ward and the ward absolutely loved her. Everyone had happier spirits. It was so cool. I translated from Spanish to English, and then Hermana Wilson translated into ASL. Boy.

And then I had to teach Gospel Principles. All. By. Myself. The lesson was on Eternal Marriage. There were so many people in class, too. And we had 3 investigators there. Fernando, Margarita, and Esperanza. I was dying throughout the lesson. It was so rough. But near the end, Esperanza said that she felt the Spirit and wanted to cry but was too embarrassed. At least someone felt it...

We pretty much finished teaching everything to Fernando. And then passed him to the Elders... Yup. I'll let you know when he gets baptized.

On Saturday we had a really cool lesson with Daniela*. She is from Mexico. She is going through a pretty rough time right now. She had been taught previously by some Elders, but they both left the area, and then went home and no one had contacted her until we did a few months ago. Every time we go over, she says she feels so much peace in her heart and she feels calmed. We taught the Plan of Salvation. It was such an amazing experience. As we talked about how the lesson went afterwards, Hermana Wilson, Hermana Ramirez, and I felt the Spirit so strong. We would start saying a sentence, not knowing where it was going to go, and then the Spirit took over! Oh my goodness! I can't explain. Such a cool experience. Our primary goal after that lesson was to get her to church because in the past she would say she wasn't ready. Hermana Wilson and I kept waiting and waiting. We kept passing the opportunity to the other to invite her to church, but we kept avoiding it because it didn't seem right. We testified and talked and just let things go where it felt right, sometimes waiting in silence. Then she asked about church! She asked what happens at church and what should she expect. We got to explain what it was like and the importance of it all. She loved it, and we told her she would be able to feel the Spirit even stronger there and receive an answer to her prayers about what we have been teaching her. She wanted to come, but told us that yesterday she most likely couldn't because of work. But it was such a great experience! The Lord is so gracious!

We visited Elena a couple days ago. She was sick, so we did a little service, and then caught up. We then read 3 Nefi 11. She LOVES the Book of Mormon. We read the whole chapter with her and she was sharing her insights and her favorite parts with us throughout the whole thing. She has such a great spirit about her! What a sweet lady.
We taught a lesson to a man we found on the streets. He's from Iran and his name is Farshid*. He was so excited when we texted him to see if we could share more of our message with him. We met in Subway and shared the Restoration with him. He loved it. He said he knows our church is the most true church, but he just doesn't want to leave his religion because he has grown up in it and has had so many experiences with it. But, he said he would read the Book of Mormon and pray about it to know if it's true.

Loving the missionary life! It's so good! Vancouver is keepin it cool. Cloudy, and humid:)

Con amor,
Hermana Lewis

PS Everyone pray for me cause I have to translate for someone today.  2:30 our time:)

I look like a man. Lesson with Esperanza and Andrew.

Hermana Ramirez was SO tired!

Las Hermanas:) Yo, Hermana Wilson, Hermana Ramirez, Hermana Moro, Hermana Hoth, Hermana Johnson. Bad picture.

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