Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 28

We had so many miracles this week! So I guess that's nothing new...

I saw my first bear in Canada this week! Thursday in Coquitlam! It was so cute and little! Ah!

Hermana Wilson got proposed to this week. Last Monday, actually. She said no.

I was offered to smoke a peace pipe on Friday by a security guard of a building going up half a block away from the church. Thanks, but no thanks.

We had a lesson with Sofia*. She is 22, from Mexico, and was baptized Catholic, but has not practiced at all. She was a potential of the Elders, who came to church last week. We taught the Restoration, as well as answered some amazing questions she had. We invited her to be baptized, and she committed to August 2nd! She is so willing and ready to learn, as well as excited to be baptized!

We had a lesson with Liliana*, who is the grandmother of Ricardo*, a recent convert. She's from Peru and has been to church twice already. We taught her the Restoration as well, and she committed to be baptized August 2nd as well, although the date might be sooner by a week or so!

They are both so prepared!

We got to teach Law of Chastity this week to an investigator who is not living the law. We prepared for a long time because we wanted to teach it well, but also teach it so the Spirit could be there and that she could understand and apply the commandment. We role-played and studied to prepare for it and it went so well. The Spirit was there, and she agreed to live it. It looks like we'll be planning a marriage soon! It's crazy. Ever since we began to plan to teach her the Law of Chastity, every lesson would be set up, confirmed, double confirmed, and then it would fall through just before. But we finally got to teach it! 

On the outskirts of downtown, there was the Carnaval del Sol this weekend, so naturally, Hermana Wilson and I went. Oh. My. Heavens. Latinos are so cool. I already knew that, but wow. There were so many miracles!

1. We saw Fernando! He hasn't come to church recently and the Elders dropped him for a while, but he introduced us to two of his friends as his friends from church, and told us he wanted to learn more and meet up this weekend when he has time.

2. We saw Sabrina*, one of our investigators. She is good friends with a member in the English ward who speaks Spanish, and met her when she came to church the other week. We got her number and built a really good relationship with her!

3. We saw Abril*, a girl we met contacting back 2 transfers ago. She didn't have a phone then, so we just invited her to church! She came once, but the YSA sisters didn't know she was ours and took her to YSA. Then we got her number a couple times from other missionaries who ran into her once she had one (What's App number. Everyone uses that here. IPads will be so handy), but it was always wrong. But we got her number!

4. We talked to a bunch of people from all over the place in Spanish, met some amazing people, and got some potentials!

I finished the Book of Mormon this morning! What a great Book! I have read the Book of Mormon more than any other book, by far. It's pretty powerful!

Almost forgot! We had another lesson with Daniela on Saturday! It was a good lesson! And she is still working towards baptism! The date as of right now looks like September!

That's about all I can think of for now!

No pictures this week! My card was full!

Con amor y mucho animo,
Hermana Lewis

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