Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 30

Hola! Y feliz dia de independencia, Columbia!

Funny quotes of the week:

1. While waiting to meet up with Cassandra, we were watching this squirrel. I think I have already mentioned that the squirrels here are black, but in case I didn't, now you know. So it's already just a different experience. But this squirrel was in action, jumping from trees and onto the fence, and it started to worry Hermana Wilson out a little. She couldn't decide if it was a giant rat or a squirrel. She thought it was staring at her and that it was trying to get her. Cassandra showed up, but we were still in the car.
Hermana Wilson (terrified): "It's looking at me!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!! GET IT!!!!!!!!!"

2. After our lesson with Cassandra, we started talking about "pets". 
Cassandra: "Ya. My friend has a pet she found. She brings it to school and puts it in her sleeve and every once in a while, a tale pops out. It's so gross. It creeps me out!"
Las hermanas: "Does it have a name?"
Cassandra (in a serious voice): "I prefer not knowing"

Haha are those even funny for you? We were dying!

We did a drop-by of a former we have planned to drop by my whole mission, but it never worked out. Her name is Miranda*! We found their house by a miracle, and they were home! We talked and she introduced us to her husband and new baby boy! And we have an appointment with them tonight! They are so cute! And we are super excited!

Ariana has a phone, now! We are working on strengthening the relationships we have with our investigators, and we decided we would go out to lunch with Ariana. We went to a Mexican grill on Saturday. It was so awesome. Everyone was speaking Spanish, including Hermana Wilson and I. Do you know how powerful I felt being in there with all of them? We were gringas, but we were speaking Spanish and having conversations! Then there were the other people who spoke English. But we spoke Spanish! It was really good food! We got to talk and just relax. She showed us a picture from their wedding as well! Then we taught about temples and eternal marriage when we got back to the church. She kept saying "Woooooooww" the whole lesson. After the lesson she sent us a text that said she was going to tell Alfonso all about the temples, and then said they are going to prepare to enter the temple!

Ariana came to church yesterday, as well! She loved it once again! She can't wait for the time when Alfonso doesn't have to work on Sundays anymore so they can come together! She said he would love it!

We were riding the skytrain back from downtown yesterday and I saw Christina! She's been sick and in bed for the past couple weeks, and it's been hard to keep in touch, let alone set something up with her. I went and talked to her and she explained how she had been sick and super sad that we haven't been able to meet for a while. We got off the skytrain with her and then she started telling us about the Book of Mormon! She has been reading it over the past 2 1/2 weeks and is now in 2 Nefi. She loves it! She saw in our first lesson how my scriptures were marked, and said she would mark hers, too! She told me that she had been marking her scriptures and sharing her verses and chapters with her boyfriend. She explained how every time she reads, she just feels so good. She said "it is just so pure and powerful!" She bore one of the most beautiful testimonies of the Book of Mormon I have ever heard! And she started explaining her favorite principles and doctrine she has been learning and reading about! We've only taught the Restoration! The Book of Mormon has so much power! When we met 2 1/2 weeks ago to teach her, she had never set foot in a church before, didn't know much about God and Jesus Christ, and had never prayed. Her first prayer, she used "usted" instead of "tu". But after 2 1/2 weeks, she was reading and applying everything she learned, and was so happy! I wish you could have been there!

So many other awesome things happened this week!

Hermana Wilson and I have been trying to scare each other for the past few weeks. Just switching things up a bit. Last night I scared her so bad! I wish I had it recorded. One of my biggest regrets! It was almost 10:30 and I was in our room with the lights off, and Hermana Wilson was coming into the room. I decided I would kneel in her spot and see what happened. She asked me where I was before she turned off the lights and I said I was in our room. She turned off the light and came in. It was super dark. She came and started to kneel, when she felt me and screamed so loud! Oh my goodness! When we are in heaven and we look back on our lives, I hope you can all watch this one in slo-mo!

Also, heads up! Next Monday is a holiday here in Canada and from now on, we are going to have our P-days on the Tuesday if Monday is a holiday. So I wont be writing until Tuesday! Wish me a happy Holiday! Not to sure which one it is...
Also, transfer news comes this weekend! Better get your guesses ready! 

Paz y bendiciones para siempre!
Hermana Lewis

The blurriest picture. Taken before the mango mishap last week. Starring Hermana Kartchner, yours truly, and Alicia!

A ward member gave us this <3

To celebrate having my camera back, I decided I would take a lot more pictures. But, I didn't. It's a goal this week.

Dinner last night after an awesome music devotional. Potatoes at 10.

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