Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 51

Buenos dias... y Feliz Navidad! 

Monday was pretty normal this week. Tuesday was crazy! President and Sister Burt were coming up for the Kelowna and Vernon Zone Meetings on Wednesday, so we had to prepare the church with the Elders and then we also had to find someone to teach because Sister Burt wanted to come to a lesson with us. 

Okay. Back up. The past almost two months, we have had the hardest time meeting with anyone because finals were on their way, and then they came, and are not finished until tomorrow. So no one wants to meet up, and so we have been doing a lot of finding. Not that that is a bad thing, but if we could be teaching, we definitely would. 

Reagan had asked us on Monday night to pray for her because of some problems going on, and we asked her if she wanted a blessing. She said yes, and we set it up for Friday, after we would get back from Kamloops for the Vernon Zone Meeting and exchanges with the Sisters. And all of a sudden, we had no one to meet with when the Burts arrived. So we told Reagan we had someone she wanted to meet and asked her if we could meet on Tuesday night instead, and she could get her blessing. She said it would work! 

Tuesday night, the Elders (Ellis and Maurer) and us, were setting up the church and then our investigators showed up. Reagan brought Melinda with her (Melinda is still having phone problems so it has been almost impossible to meet up with her). The Elders had two investigators there, two members, and then we had Reagan and Melinda, and we were all excitedly waiting for the Burts. They arrived and it was so fun.

We planned on teaching about obedience and baptism, but things kept returning to the Atonement. It was a really spiritual lessons, and we definitely taught to her needs. At the end, President Burt came in to give her the blessing. We hadn't even told him what it was for and didn't realize it until he was starting. In his blessing, he addressed every concern she had. It was so powerful. The room was so silent, as we listened to Heavenly Father talking to his daughter for the first time since she came to earth almost 20 years ago, through a worthy servant.

On Wednesday, we had a leadership training done my President Burt and Elder Maurer and then right after, at 10, Zone Meeting in Kelowna. It went really well. Sister Madson and I trained together on the talk "The Atonement and Value of One Soul". 

After our Zone Meeting and getting to eat a quick Christmas lunch, we sped off to Kamloops, a 2.5 hour drive, for the next Zone Meeting. 

We had a great Zone Meeting there, as well, but it was a little pressed for time. But afterwards we enjoyed a nice Christmas dinner. And began exchanges with the Kamploops YSA Sisters, Sister Cosman and Jenson. I went with Sister Jenson. This is her last transfer, but she is not trunky! She was just inspiring the whole time.

We ended the exchange with free A&W and came back to Kelowna. 

We met with Reagan on Friday and she told us she knew the Priesthood was real. It has been a focus for our last few lessons, and she was unsure, but after the blessing, she knew it was real and was so amazed that the blessing answered everything for her. We had a cool lesson with her, and when our member was driving her home, she brought up baptism and how she is preparing, and he invited her to church and offered to pick her up.

And she came! All 3 hours! 

I got to play the organ for Sacrament meeting yesterday, as well as the piano for a musical number. The Elders Quorum sang "The Nativity". And Sister Madson lead the music, and we taught Relief Society. And next week we are both giving the talks. 

We met with a really sweet former, Beatrice*, from China. We really focused on teaching her, and not a lesson, and taught God is Your Loving Heavenly Father, and about Jesus Christ, prayer, and the Holy Ghost. We asked inspired questions and felt the Spirit so strong! 

She was going to come to church yesterday as well, but got lost at the wrong church and turned around. 

But we have been finding so many miracles as we are cleaning out our Area Book and going through our phone.

You should all read the talk we did our training on. I have the strongest testimony of the Atonement and it kills me that I can't just express it all to you. But I know Christ lives. And I am so grateful for the love and mercy he gives us. 

Con amor y felicidad ;)
Hermana Lewis

P.S.  Pictures aren't working because the converter isn't working. Sorry I'm so far behind! 

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