Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 49

Good tidings!

This week we got more snow, and we also got warmer weather! I guess it's a win-win! The Christmas spirit is settling in, and pleasantly enough, Kelowna has multiple nativities set up! I think I have seen more nativities on buildings and streets than I have Santas.

We had our huge Nativity event this week from Wednesday to Saturday. Sister Madson and I helped to host on Thursday, and enjoyed the sweet, sweet songs of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as we stared repeatedly at cute little baby Jesuses from all over the world. 

Reagan and Melinda are the sweetest. We were able to meet with them both this week a couple times. On Tuesday, we met with Melinda right before Reagan, and she asked us some questions about where she was reading in the Book of Mormon. We explained what it meant, and then read the next chapter. When Reagan showed up, Melinda just started explaining everything that we were talking about and added her own insights. It was the coolest!

We had transfer calls this week! I'm staying in Kelowna for another transfer with Sister Madson! We are going to kill it this transfer!

We got to teach a former investigator this week, also named Reagan. Reagan #2 lost her Dad within the past year, and then her brother within the past 5 months and hasn't been able to talk to anyone about it. She invited us over and we had a beautiful lesson about the Plan of Salvation. I love being a missionary!

We took Sister Tingson to the airport on Saturday because she's going home! She was such a great missionary! We have had Sister Magleby with us since then, and we love it!

Melinda and Reagan don't really get the hole Sister/Hermana thing followed by a last name, and it's super cute. They insist on calling Sister Madson Sister Madison. And they call me plain Louise. It's so funny!
I think that's all this week! Out of time! I'll try to catch up next week!

Love you all! 

Feliz Navidad!


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