Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 48

Buenos Dias! 

I was going to write a pretty good email this week, but I forgot my sticky note of things I was going to mention, so now you get this email. 

While Elder Lewis is enjoying the beautiful islands or French Polynesia, I am enjoying the freezing winds that go straight to the bone, snow, and ice. It's getting cold, folks. 

In Gospel Principles yesterday, our WML, Brady, asked Elder Green to tell the story of Alma the Younger. 

Elder Green: ...and he became one of the most amazing missionaries of all time.
Devon (their recent convert): Kind of like you!

The whole class awed. 

A couple members in the Branch and some of the other wards here got called into the LDSSA club for UBCO. And this is important because this Friday, we went on campus with some members and did a free hot chocolate stand to inform students about the nativity event we have going on at the church this week, as well as to try to find some new investigators. It was pretty successful and a lot of fun! 

We met with Reagan, Melinda's friend, a couple times this week. She is doing so great! She is baptist and has put off baptism her whole life because she has felt that to be baptized she would have to be perfect, and didn't want to make a commitment with God if she couldn't keep it. We have been teaching her a lot about the Atonement, and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to be baptized. She said she would pray about it, as well as talk to her mom and her pastor. But keep her in your prayers!

We have been trying to get the members more involved in missionary work here (when are we not?), and this week we have felt thins start to change a little bit. Last week, Brady and Kristina and their family invited us and Reagan over for dinner, and this week, President and Sister England invited us, Reagan, Melinda, and a couple other members of the branch. It went so well and we felt the Spirit so strong being in their home, and Sister England made delicious spaghetti for us all! 
Thanksgiving was great! We had dinner with Rachel and her parents. We ate teriyaki bowls! And we kept the tradition alive of going around the table and saying the things we are grateful for. I'm grateful for you! 

Adam, a member of the branch, invited us over to decorate his apartment! We decorated with lights and over 100 feet of tinsel! It was sweet!

That's all for this week, I think! Running out of time. 

Don't have a ponderize scripture yet, but I know it's true! 

Love, Hermana Lewis

I burned my grilled cheese.

Chillin on preparation day, eating my burnt grilled cheese.

I will choose college, thanks. 

Decorating with Angelina at Adam's apartment!

Lady Liberty. And she's a Mormon. 

Leftover tinsel

Meeting with Reagan and Miranda

Favorite sweater

End of park-your-car Saturday

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