Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 57

It's snowing, once again, in the beautiful Okanagan!

This week was great! I don't really have complete thoughts to share, but hopefully you get something from reading this.

We got mini missionaries this weekend from the lovely Vernon Stake! We had two staying with us, Sophia and Danica. We were able to see countless miracles as we were with them and they were troopers!

On Thursday, during weekly planning, we had lunch at the church with Sister Lai and Sister Tripp. We made waffles! We didn't have too much of a variety to eat with our waffles, but we made due with peanut butter, bananas, chocolate frosting, vanilla frosting, nutella, and syrup. It was so good. We had a lot of fun!

We are taking care of the car for a closed area right now, and making sure it is running every once in a while, and it died a couple times this week. So that was fun! We got to make a couple walking trips to pick up our other car. 

I dropped my planner in the mud the other day. That was fine. No big deal. So I go to pick it up and instead, I just stomped on it with my muddy shoe. All I can do is laugh about that one.

A couple weeks ago, when I was calling through the phone, I made a list of everyone I called and what happened. If they weren't interested, I deleted the number. If they blocked us, I deleted the number. If they answered, I set up a return appointment, or a date when it would be better to call. I wrote down a couple notes on what they were doing or something about them. And if they didn't answer, I have been going through and re-calling them. The other week, I called one number and got no answer, but they called back! It was this guy named Austen*. We found out he was an assistant for the UBCO basketball team. He said he has just been ignoring most of the calls, but decided that since we were so persistent, he would call and find out why. We talked to him and explained what we do, and he told us he was really busy, but keep trying, and sometimes he'll talk. We were on campus every day this week, and exploring and going anywhere we could. We ran into Stacy* and she wanted to show us the gym (haha). We didn't fit in at all. But that's ok! We walked down the stairs and there was this man walking up. I saw on his shirt it said Heat Basketball. I asked him if he was the basketball coach and he said yes! He asked who I was and I got to have an awesome conversation with him. He was so nice! And then I asked if he knew Austen*. He said he did and that he was in the gym and I could go talk to him! So we went! And he came out and we met him! We'll see if we can meet sometime soon! Also, we met one of the referrals he told us about on the phone! And we met one of the players a little later on in the week. We are working on just converting the whole basketball team.

We did lots of contacting this past week. 252 quality gospel conversations. We met some really amazing children of God, and some really stressed out children as well. But we know God and the Gospel can bless and help them! 

We saw a member from the family ward in the mall as we were running in to use the washroom. She was carrying around one of her pet bunnies. We walked up and said hi, and got to hold the bunny. It was so soothing! But anyway, at the end I was thinking it would poop on me. It didn't, but right as I was passing the bunny back to the Sister, it pooped. Good day. 

On Sunday, I saw the same member, and she said we can take her bunnies out to go finding. Then the people would approach us! So we are working on that! We'll let you know how it goes!

Last night we met with the Stake President, President Draper. I loved seeing how Christlike he is and seeing the devotion he had towards the saints in the stake, as well as the future members. I love seeing the example of him fulfilling his calling. I'm super grateful for the priesthood. And priesthood leaders. I'm so grateful. I could just go on and on. 

Sorry for this email. I'm not really sure what the point was, but I love being a missionary! I love meeting all of these people and being a part of their lives, even if it is for only 1 minute! I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! They live!

Con amor para siempre!
Hermana Lewis

Ich leibe waffles<3 
 Ich leibe schwester Schroeder!

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