Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 61

iQue semana! Caution: This email is super scattered! And forever long!

First, I want to start off with a miracle. For the past two and a half weeks, Sister Schroeder and I have not bought groceries because of extra expenses we had from travelling to and from Osoyoos and Oliver. We had to get really creative with what we had at our apartment, and it wasn't easy, but we survived! We can buy food today!

We started out the week with YSA FHE. Sue*, a new investigator the Elders passed to us, came. She also came to church the day before and said she would be back this past Sunday (although she didn't come because she got super sick). She came and hit it off with some of the branch members, but before we got too far into it, I left with Sister Lai for our exchange. We went and knocked a street. We still had rejection, but it was amazing. We always had a pamphlet in our hand and tried to teach whatever principle best fit with who we were talking to. It was so cool. We met so many wonderful people and told them we would be back to follow up! We probably gave out 10 pamphlets in 40 minutes!

Tuesday, a lot of our lessons fell through, and we ended up doing a lot of finding and seeing a lot of miracles. The same thing happened like the night before. We taught SO much as we were finding! We were on a street and no one was answering at all. We wanted to leave, but felt like we shouldn't, but still nothing. Finally we met two guys in a row on the street and we had amazing conversations. The last one was with a cute, old guy named Greg*.

Me: Are you enjoying your day?
Greg: I am are you about to ruin it?
Me: No way! We're just out sharing the good word! 

Sister Lai and I started talking to him. He was very closed off at first. Eventually he said that if we knew what he had been through, we wouldn't want to pray or act on a belief in God. I just decided to ask him what was on his mind. He said we wouldn't want to know. After talking for another couple minutes, he told us his wife had died 4 years before, and that he is still feeling very broken from it. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and did some How to Begin Teaching with him. He told us where he lived and said we could come back later that day to keep talking to him about it. We couldn't go back later because we couldn't find a female member, but we did pray with him. We walked off and he was crying as he walked the rest of the way home.

The Sisters got to visit him last night and he was so excited. He made them promise to come back soon to keep teaching! 

We saw so many miracles! 

We exchanged back after teaching a mom and her two girls. One was so excited to pray and it was so sweet!

We exchanged back just in time for a meeting with the Stake President, as well as President and Sister Burt. We reported on how the wards and branches were doing with the missionary work. It was a really good meeting and it was great to see the Burts!

On Wednesday, we prepared the Kelowna 1st Sisters apartment to be open for some Elders this coming transfer. Then we headed to our last District Meeting in West Kelowna. I got to give a training on helping investigators recognize the Spirit. It was so good. I'll miss that district!

As we were heading to district meeting, I found $10 on the ground. That was an answer to prayers, seeing that we had no food and no money. 

We went finding the rest of the night and it went well. 

Thursday, we had a great planning session. We had the idea to do a Meet the Mormons YSA movie night and get the branch doing more missionary work that is a little easier for them to manage. We made some great plans! 

After, we had a lesson with Sue and reviewed the Plan of Salvation. She had so many questions and it was so cool to answer them! And she's right on track for having them answered when we teach the Restoration! 

We headed to Kamloops to do exchanges with Sister Cosman and Sister Nelson again. We were almost all the way there (about a 2.5-3 hour drive) when there was a horrible accident and the highway was closed both directions for 4 more hours. So we had to back-track and take another road. But we got there and did some finding. 

Friday morning, Sister Cosman and I went finding and throughout the day, we invited 3 people on the streets to be baptized. It was so fun and definitely pushed us to do more! We then had a bible luncheon with the students on campus at TRU put on by the LDSSA. It was super cool! We had a phone lesson with Doreen*, an investigator, and it was so cool! 

We came back to Kelowna and went finding.  On Saturday, we met with a really cool girl, Jennifer*. We met her at the beginning of transfers, but were only now able to meet up with her. It was such a good lesson, if I do say so myself. We taught about God and His nature and then how to pray. She said her first prayer and it was beautiful.

Yesterday at church, all the missionaries in Kelowna sang for all 3 sacrament meetings. It went alright. People enjoyed it! 

I found out my camera broke. For no known reason. It stopped turning on and wouldn't even charge. But I am pretty sure someone prayed because right now as I write this, it turned on! Thanks! God has not ceased to be a God of miracles!

All in all, it was a great week. 

Almost forgot! We got transfer calls! I'm headed to the Surrey 1st Ward with Sister Yonk! I'm still in English work, but there are tons of Spanish people in Surrey. I'm excited!

I think that's all for now!

Con amor,
Hermana Lewis

And I keep forgetting to tell you, but Aimee was baptized a couple weeks ago!!

Hermana Lewis

Sister Lipps gave us hats and scarves she made:)

Eatin' cold spaghetti in our little paper cups. No time to go home to eat when your busy reaping! Also, we do not recommend eating cold spaghetti.

Exchanges from a couple weeks ago with Sister Cosman <3

Bald eagle! God Bless America! 

Sara Bousfield gave me a Valentine! #oneandonly

Outside of the chapel!

Leaving Osoyoos and Oliver

From Brother Card!

Exchanges with Sister Huszti last week!

Sister Schroeder's dinner on the left, mine on the right.

These cute Sisters fed us last P day!

Picnic after emailing. I can't take pictures.

Exchanges with Sister Lai!

On exchanges with Sister Lai! 

Sister Lai, Greg, and Sister Tripp on Sunday!

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