Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 58

Operation Osoyoos: Week 1

We got a call last Monday night from our Stake President, and he told us he was going to send us to an area in the stake where they don't have missionaries right now, to see how it would do if missionaries were to come. We packed up and left Tuesday morning. 

We had a spiritual confirmation that we were supposed to go, and it just worked out perfectly because in Kelowna, all the students at UBCO and Okanagan College have midterms and Reading Break. We arrived and were welcomed by Brother and Sister Whitesell, and then Brother and Sister Fields. We had a nice meal of soup and grilled cheese and then the Fields took us on a quick drive of Osoyoos. We then got to work! We picked a couple ward members to stop by (active and inactive) also walked the streets to meet some people. 

And we've done that since! On Sunday night, we got the old area book for Oliver from the Penticton Elders, and we were able to stop by some formers. 

But we have had so much fun and joy come from relying on the spirit! 

1. We were tracting on Thursday in Oliver, and it was a street we didn't know, but had planned in. No one was home on the entire street, and we were thinking about leaving and heading somewhere else. But we felt we should stay. And we knocked on a door, and a cute old man, named Elliott* invited us in immediately! We were shocked! Inside was his wife Maisy*, and we met with them and did some How to Begin Teaching, where we found out they have toured outside the Cardston Temple, the Salt Lake Temple, and the Laie Temple and were interested in the Mormon religion. They were so kind! We are excited to meet with them again this week! 

2. We dropped by a former family, and they had moved, but the people living there invited us right in and told us how they would do anything for the Lord! They were so excited in asking us who we were and what we did! We also are visiting them later this week! And, Victor* is from Buenos Aires and his wife, June*, is from Columbia! Spanish!

3. On Thursday, Brother Card, a member in the branch called us and said he was setting up 3 appointments for us while we were here! 

4. Sister Fields, right when we arrived, gave us 4 referrals.

5. We spent the day in Oliver yesterday, and we had nothing to eat. We stopped at this pizza place and ate delicious pizza. And then the workers were speaking Spanish! So as I paid for my food, I started to talk to them and have a QGC. Then later that night, we visited with Dean*, one of the investigators Brother Card set up a lesson with, and we found out it was his daughter! So cool! 

There are so many more miracles, but I don't have the time to write them all! I'll keep you updated! 

Amor, amor, amor,
Hermana Lewis

A couple weeks ago, before transfers, we had Japanese food with Sister Tripp and Sister Lai. It was fantastic. 

The Japanese owners know us by name!

We had dragon fruit for breakfast the morning Sister Madson left!

We love pizza. Every time we go to UBCO, we have to pay for parking passes, which cost between $3-$5 at the cheapest. It really adds up on your missionary budget, and we ran out of money last month because of it. Which really was a miracle, because we found a spot where we can park for free! It's only a 10 minute hike on a mountain, but it works! We brought pizza along to keep us energized!
The minis!

All the past missionaries in the branch<3
The border!

That's Osoyoos. The Desert of Canada. Everyone treats it like it's the wild west and Arizona. Haha people walking around in cowboy hats and all. But it's been averaging below freezing the past couple weeks, with snow every once in a while. 

Sisters at MLC

Bottom, left to right: Ritchie, Wilson, Wright, Zundel, Driscoll, Yonk, Jeppson, Grant, Hemenway, Madson, Gamble, Bell, Schroeder, Lewis, Sister Burt, Ditto, Miller

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