Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 63

We're just going to get right to it.

We got to teach Irene, Victoria, Tom and Mike this week a couple times! They are going strong for their baptismal date this Saturday! We read from the Book of Mormon with them and talked about faith and repentance. We also taught Law of Chastity and Tithing, and reviewed the interview questions. They have got the sweetest testimonies! They had their interviews yesterday, and both passed, of course! They have so much family coming in, as far as Hawaii, to be there for their baptism! 

We taught Andrea Nunez*. She started meeting with us, because before her husband got temporarily hospitalized, he researched churches and new he wanted to join ours (thank goodness). We did HTBT and figured out her real intent, part of which is they want it for their daughter, Isabel* (8 years old). Which sounds quality, but doesn't seem so solid yet. But we met with her again later in the week so we could teach both her and  Isabel. We walked in and the house was not in the best order and Andrea was in pain with some leg/hip problems, so we started cleaning and doing dishes. It felt good to be able to serve, and at the same time we taught about the Restoration in a kid-friendly way! 

We are teaching a less active member, Anna*. She hasn't been to church in a couple years and just had a little baby, Tyler*. She has a daughter, Bobbie*, who really wants to read the scriptures, come to church, and learn about Christ (8 years old), and another little boy Alex* (2 years old). Alex is a heart-melter. He is the cutest little guy. Everytime we come over, he climbs on the couch near where I am sitting and asks in the highest voice with the cutest smile, getting 1.5 millimeters away from my face, "what are you doooing?" Oh my goodness. I could die! He will ask it until you answer, and once you start talking to someone else, he'll ask again and again. Haha he also lines up little hot wheels all over my legs and arms and shoulders. Goodness gracious. I'll keep you updated!

We taught Jessica and Keri (Stephanie was at a friends house). We read from the scriptures with them as well. Keri is getting really good with reading the Book of Mormon! Jessica is starting to feel comfortable with still needing medication and being baptized at the same time, so we are hoping to get a date soon! She is going to be in Kelowna for the next 2 weeks, though, to visit family. We went back on Friday morning and were going to review the Restoration. We got as far as The Gospel Blesses Families and Individuals, and she broke down crying. She talked about how she feels like she is trying so hard to be a good mom, but it's really hard. She voiced a lot of concerns. We were able to help her out and watched a Mormon Message. She felt so relieved and said, "I hadn't even realized how much the Gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed me!! I had no idea! I guess you're right!" 

We taught Evangeline again this week! We taught the Restoration. She felt the Spirit and testified that she knew it was all true, from the beginning until Jospeh Smith and the restoration of the priesthood. When we introduced the Book of Mormon, she had a really hard time with that. She loves the bible and, like many, didn't want there to be another book. Sister Yonk and I testified and she was grateful. She said she would read part of it. We just hope she will and that she will feel the Spirit! She gave us bananas as we left again, so she took it well:)

We did weekly planning with the Delta Sisters, Sister Cornia and Sister Hoffman! It was really good! We made some good plans! And got to know the sisters better! They are in a basement apartment and their landlord is really strict. They have to open a window and turn on 2 fans any time they want to use the oven. We followed the rules, as we cooked 2 bison stakes, pasta, and rice. We all went to look at something super funny in the other room, just for a second, and when we came back, the stake was smoking so bad, the rice was steaming a ton, and the boiling water for the pasta was freaking out! We quickly do everything we can to take care of it when the loudest fire alarm starts screaming at us. Oh my. It was so loud! probably 180 decibels or something. But it just kept going! We opened all the windows and doors, turned off every source of heat, and Sister Yonk started fanning down the smoke detector. It turns off just as one in a closet turns on. She goes to get that one, and the other one turns back on. Then Sister Hoffman comes. They were both fanning the detectors down, as I held the stake in the pan outside the window. It was still smoking so bad! Long story short, it was hilarious and we felt super bad. But it turns out the Landlord wasn't even home, so we're fine!

On one of my first days here, we were walking down the street and this tall man walked up to me smiling! Usually that means he wants to bible-bash. But no! It was actually a super cool conversation. And he is from South Sudan (connections!). Well, I called him on Saturday night, and he came to church! He liked it, too! He's coming again next week!!

That's all for now! Hope you have a great week! 

Con amor,
Hermana Lewis

From exchanges a couple weeks ago in Kamloops

Getting a solid maybe from an investigator for Sacrament meeting.

From Sister Huszti

Buying groceries!


Irene, Tom and Mike waiting for the interviews after church!

Meeting with Bishop DeVera!!

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