Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 64

So much happened this week and I don't even have the words to explain it all! So crazy!

Last p-day, we danced with the Hermanas! It was such a good workout! Holy cow! We danced to EFY music and MOTAB. So that was super fun! 

After our p-day activities, we went and visited a former, Stacy*. She is from Kenya (which, by the way, is the same name and same country of origin as Stacy, our RC from Kelowna! What?!). We went there and she had some cute kids running around, but when we sat down, it was us and Stacy, as well as Stacy's oldest daughter. We did HTBT and she invited us back. We visited them on Wednesday, but this time, we invited the girls to meet with us. Just the youngest two girls listened, as well as Stacy's niece. Their names are Tiffany* (8), Heidi* (4), and Kiara* (5), the niece. We planned on teaching the Restoration, but because Stacy is learning English, and mainly speaks Arabic, Swahili, and Kiswahili, Sister Yonk helped her understand simpler words as I taught Restoration to the little girls. At the end, I invited Tiffany to be baptized and she said yes for April 16th! At the end of the lesson, we explained baptism to Stact and showed her a picture of Christ being baptized. We invited her to be baptized as well on the same day and she agreed! Her and her girls begged us to stay, and then to come back any time.

Later Stacy said, "I know God sent you here. We wanted to learn more about Jesus and no one came. But then you came and I know God sent you. You can come whenever you want!"

We ended up visiting them every day the rest of the week! We switch off every other day teaching a lesson, and teaching English, as well as how to read Kiswahili (there isn't a Book of Mormon in Swahili and as it turns out, Kiswahili isn't too hard to read for us Americans) so she can eventually read the Book of Mormon. We taught Stacy and her kids how to pray in English and they all love praying for us when we are there! It's going so well! In one of the lessons, we had Rachel* (14) come to help us translate, and she ended up asking a lot of questions about Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and Joseph Smith. She is now on date for the 16th as well! They came to our baptism on Saturday, and stayed the whole day at church yesterday and loved it! 

We are spending p-day with them today:) 

Victoria and Tom got baptized on Saturday! It was a beautiful and simple service! Oh my goodness. Victoria was baptized first, and then ran out and around to see Tom be baptized right after. Right after they came up out of the water, they each had the most  beautiful smiles on! They were just glowing all day! And Irene was right there along side them, shining! 

We were heading to stop by a former after a lesson this week, and I looked at the map. I figured out where we were going and I directed Sister Yonk there. And then I realized I took us in the wrong direction, even though I was certain that was where it should have been. We looked up and saw a cute family of little kids running around outside. We had to go talk to the mom. We walked up to the porch as all the little kids stared at us. The mom answered the door. They were from South Sudan. We talked to her and asked if we could come visit them another day and they agreed!

A couple days later, we went back. She was there with her husband. We got to know them and did HTBT and taught a brief Restoration lesson. Her name is Hiba* and his name is Kamal*. They have 6 beautiful children! We are going back to teach them this week. 

As we were going through the area book that night after their lesson, we found a record for a family from Sudan, but it said she only had 2 kids and was pregnant, and her name was Hiba*. We felt like we should visit them and see if it was the same person or not. The next morning, we dropped by and we were let in to the apartment complex. We found the door and knocked. And Hiba, from Sudan, let us in! We talked with her and set up a return appointment and she is SO EXCITED to learn! She has 4 cute kids and a husband! We can't wait!

I went on exchanges with Sister Steele in White Rock! She is so amazing! We worked super hard that exchange. We did a lot of finding, and we had some really quality conversations in the funniest of places! 

I gave a talk in church yesterday about yielding our hearts to God. I love it. We just need to trust and let God take control. All throughout the scriptures, Jesus is saying , "fear not". He is the Master and we need to allow Him to do His work.

All for now! It was an amazing week!! Enjoy the pictures! 

Con amor, 
Hermana Lewis


Some of Grace's kids and grandkids after our first lesson

Getting her hair done!

Tiffany and Kiara!

She's so wonderful!

Sister Yonk says I look like a dude.

We're not sure.

After the water...

Before the fire!

Stacy and crew!


Weekly planning with the Hermanas! Happy St. Patrick's day!!

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