Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 65

I love my Savior, Redeemer, Master, Captain, Best Friend, Support, Comforter, Motivator, Sculptor, Healer, and My All. He is so much more to me. He makes me laugh so much! He also amazes me constantly. The Atonement is infinite and it effects me all day long! I don't think I could ever tire from talking about it. If his Atonement is infinite, which it is, there is an infinite amount of ways He can bless us and heal us and strengthen us. Oh my goodness. I could get started, but I don't have time to even finish a single thought. I love Him so much! And I'm so grateful for Him.

This week was so long! And to add to the length, our preparation day was pushed to today so we could be proselyting on Easter Monday, which was extremely successful! We have a new companion in our companionship! I don't even know how many tris I have been in at this point, but this one is awesome! Sister Hoffman has joined us! We love her so much and she keeps us smiling! This is her third transfer out and she is amazing!

We were heading over to Stacy's house on Wednesday for a lesson. We were teaching Plan of Salvation, and before we could even get started, Rachel ran and in her room and grabbed her refugee bible. 

Rachel: Where are the 10 Commandments? Look! It says "Old" and "New Testimony"! What does this mean? 

Me: We don't take the Lord's name in vain. So instead you can say "oh no" or "oh my goodness"...etc.
Rachel: I didn't know that!!!! So I can't say... oh my....God?
Me: No.
Rachel: I wont do it anymore!

Rachel: So if you make a mistake and you repent, but you keep making the mistake again and again and you keep repenting, what happens? 
(I explained repentance and forgiveness)
Rachel: Wow! God really loves us!!!!!!!!

As I went over the rest of the 10 commandments with her:

Rachel: Wow! I didn't know that!! I'll do that now!!!!

She is so sweet! We had the General Women's Broadcast this Saturday, which was also our park-the-car day, as you may recall. Stacy, Rachel, and Tiffany were all going to walk with us, but due to an emergency, only Rachel was able to. We walked to her house and then walked with her to the church. The whole way, we were talking and praying to people as we went, and she did it right with us. She told us later that she was excited to be able to serve a mission! We had a dinner with all the women in the stake and then went in for the Broadcast. It was really funny at first because there were some issues, and so for the opening remarks and half of the first talk, it was all in mandarin. But we explained to Vicky that if she had a question in mind, that Heavenly Father would answer it for her. She wrote down a question and took notes during the meeting. And they were beautiful notes! 

Stacy and Tiffany couldn't make it to church this week because of what had happened on Friday, but Rachel and Heidi did! We told Stacy we couldn't believe she had 8 kids, and Valerie*, her 18 year old daughter who we didn't know very well quickly said in response that she now has 10 (which was later changed to 11 once we got Sister Hoffman)!

Sunday night, we went and visited Stacy and Tiffany in the hospital. Long story short, and after a lot of confusion, we found out that Stacy's daughter, Valerie, had a baby! We didn't even know she was pregnant!   On Friday, she was walking around, someone hit her with something heavy and metal and the pain put her into labor at 30 weeks. So she got taken to the hospital and had a sweet baby girl named Anna*! All week we had been praying for an opportunity to get to know the older kids in the family because they were sometimes home, but didn't want to join in on the lessons. Valerie started warming up a lot to us during the week, and when we visited her, we sang "I am a Child of God". We talked to her and she loved what we said. She invited us to come back on Monday morning.  On Monday, we visited, and also set a date with her! She will be baptized with her family on the 16th of April! And she wants her sweet little girl to be blessed on the Sunday when she gets the Holy Ghost! We're seeing them tonight and we're so excited! They have such strong testimonies of Christ and it just blows us away! 

Stacy and Tiffany told us how sad they were that they missed the broadcast and church, and were excited to come with Susan this Sunday! They are the cutest family ever! 

We were out contacting people, and I met this man from Cuba, Ubaldo*! He came to church this Sunday, and then had Easter Dinner with some members, and is now meeting with the Elders!

We've seen lots of miracles and a lot has been happening! I love being a missionary! But that's all for now! 

Con amor,
Hermana Lewis

While on exchanges with Sister Hubert! Love her! And these cute kids! 

Dinner with at a members house...without the member.

Hot dog picture

Mom:  I wouldn't call it a hot dog picture, though.  I would call that an avacado picture with a side of hot dog.
Hermana Lewis:  That's the way we do it!  Chilean style!
Mom: Mi morenita chilena!

Rachel, Sister Hoffman, Sister Yonk, Me

I talked to THE COOLEST guys on Satruday night! Darryl and Brandon!


Joined us in Relief Society<3

That Easter wind!

Visiting Maud

Doing missionary work

Surrey Zone Conference

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