Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 67

God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and so are his promises. Yes, the work is still hastening! We have been running all over. No more walking. And I do not say that because I want you to all think we are just saying a cliche missionary phrase, but we have literally been running everywhere because there are so many souls to save! From lessons to other lessons, to finding, to service, to whateveritmaybe. And to go hand in hand with that continuous exercise, we are also doing an awesome workout every morning. So my point in all of this is to say that we are really trying to show Heavenly Father he can trust us with his children, and that we may just be super spiritually and physically fit at this point in time.

Jessica's baptism went through this weekend! It was a double baptism with one of the Elders's investigators, Sierra* (her and her family are now ours due to some transfer changes). It was such a powerful baptism! The Spirit of God was burning so consistently. The talks and prayers were amazing, and the performing of the ordinance was wonderful. They both knew the importance of the covenant they were about to make, and made it with confidence and trust!

Right after Jessica's and Sierra's baptism, we rushed over to Delta in horrible traffic, to get to Callie's baptism! It was super sweet and everything was tailored to fit her needs and understanding! 

On Friday, we had MLC. It was a really great experience, and the Spirit did it's job! We are excited for Zone Meeting this week and being given the chance to bring the message to the Elders and Sisters in the Zone! President Burt is so inspired! 

Last Monday, we were delivering mail to the Elders in Delta so they could open it before P-day was over. We asked where they were and they told us the Lovely Fashion store. Hahahaha so we drove out there and gave them the mail. It was outside of  this Indian strip mall (It is tradition among the Elders in the mission to buy men's punjabi clothing and wear them as pajamas. Don't ask.) and they had just finished buying their stuff. Once they left, we went in the store, naturally, and bought ourselves some punjabi clothes. And that is what we are wearing in our pictures on our way to MLC.

Stacy, Rachel, and Tiffany are looking FINE for their baptism this weekend! They are all really excited! We have family home evening tonight with Stacy's family and Sister Dromey, the primary president, and her husband. We are so excited! 

I have a lot of funny quotes from this week, but I left my notes at home. Stay tuned for next week! But keep Stacy and her family in your prayers! 

This week at church was insane. And thank goodness for missionary-minded members. We had Sierra and her family coming, as well as Stacy and her family, and then a former, Iliana*, and her friend. We had two rides to pick up Stacy, Rachel, Tiffany and Heidi, and then Sierra and her family live within walking distance to the church. Iliana and her friend, Dawn* took the bus. Sister Hoffman and I left Ward Council early to go make sure Stacy and her family was ready to get to go by the time the rides arrived. Sister Yonk stayed with the Relief Society president to welcome Sierra and her family and Iliana and Dawn. We got to Stacy's house, and it turned out her grandchildren, Dagoberto* and Robin*, were coming as well! We were one seat short! So we started calling ward members but no one was answering their phones! We had no way to get the last child to church. The first ride came and took 3 kids, and we waited for the next ride, who said they could take two. They came late, but the member explained to us that she had a feeling to drop off her son at church before she came and picked up the rest of the family, but didn't know why. She came and had just enough seats for everyone! Don't be afraid to act on a prompting! 

Once we got to church, we were trying to handle all of these wonderful people. Stacy, Rachel, Tiffany, Heidi, Dagoberto, Robin, Leah*, Sierra, Trace*, Jewel*, Jessica, Stephanie, Keri, Olivia*, Irene, Victory,  Tom, Mike, Iliana, and Dawn. The Elders helped us out, as well as Brother and Sister Dromey, and Sister Salvador and Alex, her daughter. We survived barely all 3 hours, but it was so good! Thanks for your prayers!

I had some sweet studies about sacrifice and understanding. You may wonder how that came to be, but they went hand in hand. Holy cow. But it all tied into covenants. If there are two things that motivate me to do anything in life they would be (1) I am a covenant daughter of my Eternal Father and (2) Jesus Christ Atonement is infinite and just for me. If you are looking for direction, motivation, understanding, hope, peace, and a whole lot of Spiritual strength and direction, I would definitely invite you to study sacrifice (Bible Dictionary), understanding (Topical Guide), and read Preparing to Enter the Temple along side your Patriarchal Blessing. And then get to the temple!! You have the opportunity to enter the House of the Lord. A refuge from the world! A harbor. Follow the counsel of God's chosen representatives, be worthy of a temple recommend, and go often. "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven"! Use the atonement, be sanctified, and fellowship with the Lord.

Con amor,
Hermana Lewis

Is this funny to anyone else?

Caught after the act.

15 month mark and long fish!
Driving to MLC really, really early in the morning. So worth it!

We were driving, going so fast, and passed this street. Then we turned around and took a couple minutes to enjoy the beauty God gave us.

Sister Hoffman, Tyson (WML's son), y yo before the baptism.



The kids.  I promise I have a tan.

Sister Hoffman, Olivia, Stephanie, Keri
Me, Jessica, Jessica's mom, Sister Yonk

Sister Yonk, Me, Callie, Sister Hoffman

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