Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 68

This week was so fantastic! I just can't even begin to put words to it.

Last Monday, we went to English Bay with the Surrey Spanish Hermanas (Cendreda and Hoth) and met the Vancouver Spanish Hermanas (Polanco and Cobb). We got to spend time together before Hermana Cendreda leaves on Wednesday. Hermana Cobb had Luis, one of the recent converts we taught, meet us there and it was such a blessing! It was so good to see him! Val would have come as well, but she had work. We really just got to relax and enjoy the overcast, windy day at the beach.

At night, Sister Dromey, the primary president, came over with her husband, Richard, and did a Family Home Evening with Stacy and her family. It went so well! They loved it! And were so reverent! 

The whole week was filled with trying to cram in as many lessons and as much finding time and member visits as we could, which meant doing member splits. Every night we would come home so exhausted, but we would finish with a great nightly planning. On Thursday, we changed how we have been doing Weekly Planning, and it was wicked awesome! The Spirit was so strong and we felt so pumped to go and work and apply our plans!

We also were preparing for Zone Meeting. We had a really good preparation meeting, and as a result of all the preparation we had, I think this was my favorite Zone Meeting. The Spirit was present and we were all learning so much. Man. No words. 

On Wednesday night, Stacy, Rachel, and Tiffany had their interviews. That was crazy. We had correlation during their interviews. We were just dying to see them, but because of how shy they were at first, it took a while to get answers out of them. Sister Hoffman, Sister Yonk, and I were just dying waiting. But they passed and were so happy!

On Saturday, after a crazy series of events (including chasing down Stacy, Tiffany, and Heidi in the huge Surrey Central Mall), we got Stacy, Rachel, Tiffany, and Heidi to the church for their baptism. Holy cow. It was such a good service. We had one of the young men, Rayven baptize Tiffany, and then his dad, Brother Hernandez baptized Rachel, and Brother Gauna baptized Stacy. The program went smoothly, and Sister Hoffman, Sister Yonk, and I suprised Stacy and the girls by singing "I am a Child of God" In Swahili! And they understood us! It was so sweet to watch the look on their faces grow into a huge smile. Afterwards, Stacy could not stop shouting "I love Jesus", "Yes!" and throwing her arms up in a victory pose. 

They were so happy and looked so beautiful! They got the Gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday in church by Richard, and were just glowing. The ward reached out in a special way and just welcomed Stacy and the girls. 

We also saw Valerie, one of Stacy's older daughters at the hospital again. And we got to see cute baby Anna! Valerie is back on date and hopefully we will be able to see her a lot more regularly! 

I had so many funny quotes this week, but I only have a couple with me, so you'll have to be patient. 

While planning for Zone Meeting-
Elder Ricks: Then we can end on this note and not a 'don't wear those pants' note.

While we were visiting some returning less-actives the Elders were working with before switching areas-
Sister Yonk: What was it that made you want to come back to church?
Tony: The missionaries.
Sister Hoffman: What was it about the missionaries that made you want to come back to church?
Tony: I just liked the Asian guy.

Welcoming Stacy, Rachel and Tiffany to the ward in Sacrament meeting-
Brother Bandong: Welcome to the told of God.

Transfers are this week! I will be staying in Surrey 1st with Sister Hoffman, and Sister Grant will be joining us! Sister Yonk is off to West Kelowna with Sister Huszti. Sister Wilson is coming to Surrey Spanish! 

That's all for this week! I'll send pictures!

Con amor,
Hermana Lewis

English Bay!


Cutest little Filipino boy was afraid to walk on the sand!
They always insist!

Racing Bishop DeVera home!

Meeting back up after splits with Erica! They are so cute!

Cleaning Delta's new apartment


Heidi and Tiffany

The terrible trio!

New crew!

Brother and Sister Rosales wear themselves out in service!

Fiesta! After the Spanish baptism!

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