Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 70

I don't have too much time this week. Things are looking bright over here in Surrey! The past few days have been sunny, and the work hot!

This week we worked super hard! Don't expect anything less! 

We were able to teach Valerie, but then found out later that she was going to be taken to Burnaby to live for a month. Keep her in your prayers!

We set a goal as a zone fore everyone to set one more baptismal date than they already had in one week. We went from 4 dates to 19! 

We went to the Sacred Rooms in the hospital and filled up the "Mormon", "Latter-day Saint", and "Christian" supply boxes with pamphlets and other materials. It was super fun!

I went on exchanges with Sister Hoth in the Spanish ward and got 2 dinners! Don't miss that!

We met with some really amazing people this week! Kathleen*, Jay*, Amyas*, Joe*, Caroline*, and Morgan*! 

It's the best! I love this work! 

Hermana Lewis

Filling up the supplies in the Sacred Rooms at Surrey Memorial Hospital!
They had this one...
And this one... in the same closet.

Visiting with Maud!

Por fin!! 

We knocked the doors of the lucky numbers from my fortune cookie!

Pedro. He asked to wear my tag. He's going to be a missionary one day! 

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