Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 74

This week went by fast. This transfer went by fast! We got transfer calls Sunday morning. Sister Hoffman will be going to Victoria YSA to be a Sister Training Leader with Sister Kartchner, Sister Grant will be staying here and Sister Tripp will come and they will also be training a new missionary, and I am opening a new area and training! I'm going to New West or Burnaby! Which I already am pretty familiar with the area since I was there for 9 months. I'm super excited!!

Tuesday, we taught Robert, Isaiah and John. It was a pretty great lesson, but my favorite part was when Stacy told them at the end: "The church is true. You have to come to know. But I know it is true. It is Jesus Christ's church. You can come with me!" They said they weren't ready to come to church, and afterwards she was talking to us, so confused on why they wouldn't try church and told us over and over that they would know it was true if they would just come. She also told us we should probably show them a video about Jesus Christ because those always help. She is such a great missionary! And she asked us about Morgan, who she helped us teach!

We met with Morgan this week and set expectations again. It was a really good lesson and the Spirit was really strong. And we got her to our ward activity! She missed church again, but she called twice to apologize. She is showing more commitment, and is still keeping the Word of Wisdom!

Valerie moved back from Burnaby this week! I went with one of the members in the Relief Society and we helped move her and Anna back into Stacy's house! It's a miracle! And she came to the ward activity on Saturday as well!

And I suppose I should talk about this ward activity! It was a long time in the makings, but it finally happened. We had a ward multi-cultural night. In our congregation, we speak 28 different languages. Everyone was supposed to bring food from their native countries. It was fantastic! I ate balut! And I loved it!

How to eat balut:
1. Crack the egg
2. Peal shell to the yolk
3. Drink the juice
4. Continue to peel shell back as you eat the yolk and duck embryo

All the Filipino members love me! I'm in the club!!

On Sunday, for 5th Sunday, we taught YM/YW with Elder Sigrest, Elder Persson, and Elder Morris. It actually went really well! And then we did a youth fireside Sunday night! Which we only knew we were doing late Saturday night. But we planned it and executed it and we had 13 youth come and a couple leaders and they all had fun! It was so sweet! 

Thank you for faithfully reading. That's all for this week, I think!

Con amor, 
Hermana Lewis

Lunch before Sea to Sky

The saint, herself! Erika Taylor!

Shannon Falls from a distance.

Chillin' with Maud <3<3

Breakfast part I

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