Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 75

Everyone! Get ready... 

My new companion is Sister Miller from Columbus, Ohio! She is the best! We knew we were going to be companions from the first time we met! We like a lot of the same things! For example:

1. Loves food (like pizza)
2. We both love to dance
3. Everyone thinks we're twins..
4. We both always say "remember that one time" when it recently happened
5. We have the same camera
6. We love being adventurous
7. Dogs are our world!
8. We fought each other in the national MMA championships 4 years ago.

That last one was a lie, but the rest were all true!

It's been a crazy week! We said goodbye to Sister Yonk on Tuesday morning, and then spent almost the rest of the day driving around new missionaries for transfers! I was exhausted by the end. And then I went to be companions with Sister Wilson. Wednesday, we worked all day, and then Thursday morning, we headed to Richmond for transfer meeting!  

We were waiting around, eating breakfast, and all the new missionaries walked in. I met all the Sisters and knew Sister Miller would be my companion! President met with all of the trainers before, and then we went in to where the new missionaries were. He said who the different companionships would be and I was right! Then we had a couple trainings given, and then finished with a late lunch. Because we were opening an area, we had to grab some supplies. We didn't know how much or what we were going to need, and so we didn't grab too much. Which was good because we had all of our luggage and 3 lamps in a little Subaru. We drove out to our area, and eventually arrived at our apartment. We walked in and realized we really had nothing. Haha we had 2 Book of Mormons, 15 pamphlets, a leftover pizza from transfer meeting, a bag of salad, and one bed. In our area book we had about 15 formers, all of which were pretty much ones and dones.

We got things figured out miraculously, and then we went to the store and bought some food and supplies we would need. It was a super long day and we finished it with talking to everyone on the streets. We ran into some inactive members who were waiting for Sisters in the ward again! We're meeting with them tonight! We are prepared to help answer questions and concerns with the Book of Mormon!

Friday was a good day and we saw so many miracles! We walked and tracted a lot. This is the first day people kept asking if we were twins. We met Kiersten*, an investigator, outside Metrotown mall, and it was an interesting lesson! She came to church the Sunday before, and we met with her to get to know her and see where she was. She keeps us entertained, for sure! She couldn't make it to church yesterday because the buses don't go as far as the church, but we're seeing her on Tuesday!

Saturday was so long! It was so hot and hot and hot! If you were wondering, New Westminster is all hills. We walked around 8 miles by the time we came home for dinner, and it was all up-hill. Both ways. Which seems impossible, but it's not. We ate dinner and finished off the night talking to people at parks and at the pier, and contacting the few former investigators we had. By the end of the day, we had 5 committed to church!

Sunday, we went to church and it was good! No one we had committed came, but we did have a member bring a friend, Stella*. We got to church early and were able to teach her part of the Restoration as well as answer a bunch of questions she had. We had a really good testimony meeting, a fantastic Gospel principles lesson, and a wonderful Relief Society lesson. 

After church, we tracted in the hot 90+ degree weather and found a lot of miracles! We finally came home for dinner and broke our fasts on rice and left-over pizza (haha the same meal we have eaten since Thursday). 

We went to meet with a former, Cheri*, but she wasn't able to make it. Instead, we taught about the Book of Mormon to Vladimir*, a man on the street, and helped two deaf men, Charles* and Samuel*! We felt like we were really able to fulfill our purpose during the time we had planned for Cheri*. 

We met with Chastity and her son, Adam, and went hard core about authority. And it worked! They both have baptismal dates for July 23! They are really excited and so are we!

Sister Miller and I are both so excited to continue to see all of these miracles! Heavenly Father has an awesome plan for us! We love it! 

And once more, hurrah for Israel!

Hermana Lewis

Helping Valerie move back with Sister Blaikie!


Tracting for miracles in the rain!

Jeremiah's* baptism!

Goodbyes with Valerie and Rachel

New desks and chairs...


Meet Sister Miller!

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