Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 77

I loved this week! It wasn't anything unheard of, but it was nice. We tracted a lot and didn't teach too much. But we loved doing what we did!

Valerie moved back to Burnaby and we are teaching her again! 

We saw a lot of small miracles this week! 

We had dinner scheduled with a member family one day this week. We got a text in the afternoon from the member explaining that her and her husband just found out their temple recommends expired a month ago, but they needed to renew them to help clean the temple the next night, and the only time the bishop and stake president could meet with them was during our dinner appointment time, but we told them that their recommends were more important than feeding us dinner (we are such saints ;)). We had to change our plans to save Ks because all our back-ups were in the part of town where the members would be. We were driving and I had a really strong prompting to tract a certain street. We went there and started knocking on doors. A lot of people weren't interested, but we found 6 people who were! 6 people! We passed out pamphlets and set up return appointments. 

We knocked on one door, and Joni* answered. We asked her about her religious background and she told us she reads the bible, but doesn't go to church. We talked about the bible for a bit, and then I whipped out the Book of Mormon and invited her to read from it! She was so excited!! She had been waiting to read from the Book of Mormon for years but had never had one! We explained a little about it and she was so grateful! And we ended with a prayer. We're seeing her next week to follow up when she gets back in town!

From Robin!
And before we were finished, we saw a lady mowing her lawn. Her name was Robin*. We asked if we could help, but she didn't need it. She said we could ask her landlord if she needed help, though. We knocked the door and asked, but she didn't. We went back and talked to her a little longer and gave her our number just in case she needed more help. We walked to go to the next door when it hit me that we didn't even tell her our purpose! We went back and we told her that we are sharing a message about Jesus Christ... and at the end of the conversation, she cut us a bouquet of flowers from her garden. 

We ran into Eduardo (former investigator from 1st transfer) a couple times this week! Maybe he is more prepared now! 

Kiersten came to church yesterday and is back on date for July 19th! She has been reading from the Book of Mormon over the past week and felt the Spirit so strongly, and knew that she needed to continue learning more. She made really good friends with some of the members. 

And a great member missionary in Utah named Gary told his friend Marilyn*, who lives in Seattle, to go to church. She was here visiting her aunt, Missy*, and they came to church yesterday! We're going to be meeting with them soon to teach them more, but they stayed all day and asked great questions! 

A couple days ago, we were heading to have a lesson with Chloe*, the potential we found, and we got lost in the rain for 40 minutes beforehand. We were soaked. We didn't have our raincoats and were drenched. Completely. One lady stopped and gave us directions, and then offered to drive us to the main road. She was an angel! We spent the rest of the day in wet clothes. It was fun!! Really, it was such an adventure! How often can you say you did that? 

Well, that's all for now! Love you!

Hermana Lewis

I think that's all for this week!

We LOVE Maryam. She tells the best stories. She acts out the best stories!

Car battery died and no one helped for an hour! We tracted to ask for help and we waved people down on the side of the road, but no one stopped. We called ward members, but no one answered. We remembered a member lived somewhat nearby, walked to her place, and she called another member to help us out.
Valerie and Anna moved to Burnaby!

Deer Lake, once again. In the far right back corner, they were getting ready to film a bonfire for some Canadian netflix show. 

We took away two vaporizers after teaching the Word of Wisdom! 

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