Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 39


To start off, we almost hiked Grouse Grind today! It was so pretty. But due to some problems, we had to turn around. I'm hoping to get that crossed off my list of things to do before I leave Vancouver. If I leave Vancouver.

It was a good week this week! There were a lot of rough moments. Nothing really worked out all week, but we just kept working through it all and trusting in God, and in the end, we made standards! All thanks to some miracles God gave us!

News of the week! But it's not really all that exciting. More just extremely weird. On Sunday, a girl walked into church from Mexico, named Stephanie*! She had a friend in Mexico whose dad was the stake president, and they told her to try out church here. So she just came one day. She's super great, and she stuck around for the rest of church and the Birthday Potluck we had after, and then Briana's baptism. The Elders had an investigator, Edgar*, who has been coming to church and all the activities regularly for a while now. Briana stayed for the baptism with us, and Edgar stayed with the Elders. We let the Elders teach the first lesson with her and they set it up for Tuesday. We asked them on Wednesday before ESL how the lesson went, and they said she cancelled because she was with Edgar. Then they both came to ESL and were cuddling! I knew it was coming. The Elders texted us after, and told us that they are dating! What?! We're just hoping they will be more committal to their dates if we give them the same date. We're trying to coordinate with the Elders right now so we can teach them at the same time so they don't cancel anymore. Can I just say it's weird having your investigator date the investigator of the Elders? There you have it, folks.

On a different note, Cassandra went to the temple for the first time this Friday! She was texting us the night before, saying she felt nervous and excited, just like when she was about to be baptized! And then on Sunday, she turned around in Sacrament Meeting and said she wanted to bare her testimony, but she was nervous! She was shaking so much! I walked up with her and she gave a beautiful testimony. That right there made my life. Proud Mom!

Everyone! Lucy is getting baptized! I couldn't be happier! She wants her other two kids to be baptized, too! She came to the Women's Broadcast and saw me and gave me a big hug and said she missed me. Their family is doing so well! I love seeing the healing powers of the Gospel in action!

Women's Conference was awesome! I received so many answers to my questions, and they were all specific! Everyone make sure to watch conference this weekend! I know that God lives and that he has called prophets and apostles today to guide and teach us! I'm so grateful that we can know exactly what we need to do to be protected and perfected:)

Con todo mi amor, 
Hermana Lewis

I saw them!  In the washroom!

Going to District Meeting!

They planned.  I did the area book.

Exchanges in Surrey.

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