Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 40

Because my email last week is lost forever...

Last week was a great week!

We had a great Zone Conference and I loved General Conference! I learned so much, and I got so many answers to questions! I know for sure that sweet President Monson is the prophet of God on the earth today and that the Twelve Apostles are called of God to lead and guide us. I'm so grateful that God loves us enough to bless us with so much!

Hermana Lewis

Driving to Tswassen before transfers

I got so bored I cut my hair.  Joke.

Picked up Sister Ealy from Port Moody!

Together at last...together forever!

Bye to Sister Cendreda, hello Sister Heward! (Langly)


Saying goodbye to Simone!  I miss her already!

Hermana Hoth! Before the Training Meeting!

Waiting with excitement, guessing who her companion would be.

Spying on my greenie!

First door!

First planning session!

It's always spider season

A bowl of cereal from Hermana Polanco:)

It was one of those weeks.

We call these our "Character of Christ" Cups. We want progressing investigators, member present lessons, new investigators, baptisms, confirmations, referrals, the whole deal, and we want them now, but we have to remember it's in the Lord's timing. So in the mean time, we eat cake and drink milk:) Live is good!

The moon was huge, but you can't tell.

Before Conference on Sunday.


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